The Connecticut Theory


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Catch and release, in and out, on the up and up and in criss cross formation - this work captures glimpses of a New England town in the rear-view: a sinking, fading, emerging world; the experience of a New England town that may never have been; and a coagulating family reflected in/as ice. Beautiful work, warm and worth drifting within.

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A beautiful multimedia prose poem movie by Emily Crocker! The suburban language matches perfectly the dark mood of The Ice Storm and the simultaneous overthrow of the nameless narrator. Interesting also is Crocker's use of subverting a reader's expectations by lines such as:

A story cast across the back of her

scull decayed and full of holes

where she uses the uncommon 'scull' (paddle) to allude to a sinking hopefulness of her protagonist while alluding to the decaying impact of media on the minds of us all in these chilly sinking times.