Danielle Ate the Sandwich | Gothic Theater

Before attending Danielle Ate the Sandwich at the Gothic Theater on October 8th I was unsure as to what kind of sandwich exactly she may have eaten. However, after speaking to Danielle before her show and watching her exuberant performance I was certain said sandwich must be chock full of wit, talent and brilliance. "I'm so happy to be playing with these fellow Denver groups tonight" said Danielle before the show. "To play on the same bill as these acts means a lot" Danielle asked me if I myself am a Denver native (which I am) and I could tell that Colorado artistry meant a lot to her. Danielle told me she started her ubiquitous online following 2 years ago on YouTube, playing some of her own songs but also covering popular radio tunes using her own keen sense of humor.

What I enjoyed the most about Danielle's show was the banter she held with the audience between acts. Comments like "Can I have more ukelale in my monitor" caused the crowd to titter with laughter. Danielle expressed her wisdom beyond her years, however, when she said to the audience""should I say something about poop? I feel I'm getting to the age where I should say bowel movement, though"

That's not to say her vocals were not worth speaking on. She has a beautiful vibrato, which reminded me of a young Marianne Faithfull touched with a sprinkling of her own personal bombast. She did a beautiful cover of TLC's "waterfalls" which would have left Left Eye dancing in her grave.

To make it on YouTube in this Justin Bieber era, you gotta have chops and Danielle serves her with beauty and a side of sarcasm. With wisdom beyond her years, Danielle ended her set with a song "American Dream", singing "Go to school, get job, find a wife settle down" She may like to talk about poop but she seems to know what's going on in this crazy world. Thanks for the set Danielle and the wisdom beyond your years!

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