Enter The Portal - Immersive Rock Opera


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Experience an October like never before by taking a small step away from the ghouls, costumes, and cavities. Embark on a journey into The Portal by joining the cast as they shroud the audience with brilliantly composed music and vividly constructed visual stimuli. The event is part live rock opera, part immersive theater performance, and part film; all woven together into a holistic piece of artistic entertainment that dazzles audiences on a number of levels. While The Portal may be most similar in format to a ‘rock opera’, it incorporates elements that go far beyond the familiar including dance, cinematography, mythology, fractal art, and audience participation - all backed by a live band.

Luke Comer, a writer, artist and producer (and one time rock and roll drummer), both wrote, directed and produced The Portal. For much of the creative and developmental process, he has been accompanied by his friend, Tierro, who wrote most of the original compositions for The Portal. The talented songwriter has been the head of many famed musical acts over the years, including Kan'Nal and Tierro. Comer and Tierro are two of the three producers of Colorado's greatest new music and co-creational festival, Arise, which just completed its third annual event. Gilly Gonzales, known for his innovative and dramatic style as a key member of the bands Kan Nal and Lunar Fire, will be live drumming during each performance.

Beyond the spectacular music, there are an array of thematic and rare qualities which make this event the majestic celebration that it is. A truly unique experience, The Portal inspires the audience to become involved and immersed in the experience rather than watch it as a passive observer. The storyline is similar to a mythological epic (e.g.: The Odyssey, The Divine Comedy) and follows the character Dante through a journey of personal discovery, transformation, and otherworldly experiences.  The plot serves not only as the structure of the show, but also as a conduit for the audience to engage in their own journey as they are driven into a trance-like state.  This is achieved by engaging what is known as Trance Theory – a notion developed by Comer – which applies fractal mathematics and concentric pattern repetition to the show’s visuals, music, performance, and lighting in such a way that they create a unified sensation and a mesmerizing effect on the audience. The experience as a whole is structured to inspire and engage the audience to become an integral part of the performance, bringing the viewer into the forefront of the show.

"Excellent - taking ancient teachings and mythologies and showing, in a brilliant way, how it all relates to modern times! Bravo!!"

"There is a lot of beauty in this rock opera."

"That was such a strange and interesting experience. Thank you for broadening my horizons."

The Colorado based event is sure to captivate, inspire and even bewilder audiences. While much of the film component of the show was shot in the mountains outside Moab and in Colorado’s high Rockies, the rest of this world-class production, including its creator Luke Comer, is all Boulder and Denver based.

The Portal will be hosted at The Glitter Dome, Denver's newest event space in RiNo's warehouse district, and recently home to the TacoFest, which brought twenty thousand people. The Portal opens Oct 9th, 2015 for a four-week run ending on Halloween. Tickets are on sale now with an exclusive early-bird discount that is sure to sell out.

The Portal
Rock Opera


The GlitterDome
3600 Wynkoop St. Denver, CO

Oct. 9th, 10th,
Oct. 15th, 16th, 17th,
Oct. 22rd, 23th, 24th,
Oct. 29th, 30th, 31st.