Fair To Midland (September 2002)

- for the Grateful Web

Distraught, disheveled, inventive and exploding on the scene. This process details the evolution of the alt-rock experience aptly tagged Fair To Midland. Exceeding any interpretation of 'average', and rather carrying their title as a shield, their sound is an extraordinary surprise for the unarmed listener. Beyond the buzz and anticipation lies five unique individuals that together have created an intense and wildly exciting brand of rock citing artistic influences in both musical and literary outlets.

Brett Stowers and Nathin Seals offer a rhythmic passion that leads the humble gentlemen in their avant-garde sound. The unearthed discord and unconventional cries of frontman Andrew Sudderth infused with guitarist Cliff Campbell's melodic fury tumble into a captivating creation of sonics, cultures, and confusion. Combined with the subtle offering of Matt Langley on keys, FTM glides past the expected boundries and gracefully throws their intense rock harmonies to the flame.


Originally banding together slightly off the chart of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex in 1998, FTM worked around school schedules, day jobs and college towns to secure their lineup. The members of FTM proudly call Dallas home as they continually play packed shows at the city's premier venues. Each live FTM show is a breathless experience incorporating each individual's talents with the sweat and excitement from the crowd. Though the hyperactive stage antics have quickly led to busted lips, bloody noses, and onstage collisions, these methodical interpretations only add to the cries of the crowd for an almost spiritual experience.


Releasing their debut EP The Carbon Copy Silver Lining in January of 2001, the much anticipated and overdue follow-up, inter.funda.stifle, is now completed. Working with producer Mitch Lerner at Reeltime Audio in Denton, TX, the new work includes guest vocals from a childrens' choir and additional string arrangements.

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