Grateful Fest Benefit for Poudre Canyon FD at Mishawaka

Grateful Fest, a fundraising concert to benefit Poudre Canyon Fire Department, comes to Mishawaka Amphitheatre on Friday September 7. The event celebrates the successful efforts of firefighters to save the Mishawaka as well as the vast majority of properties in the Poudre Canyon. Net proceeds from the event will be donated to the Fire Department along with donations from Mishawaka partners and friends such as TicketBiscuit, Shaped Music, Carbon Leaf and Keller Williams. The artists performing at Grateful Fest...The Motet, Head For The Hills and Juno What?! are all playing for reduced fees to allow more funds to pass to the firefighters.

Mishawaka's General Manager Dani Grant says...”Ever since the Mish reopened after the High Park Fire, we've been preparing for the opportunity to properly thank our saviors. These brave men and women made a decision to preserve the Mishawaka and allow it continue providing joy to the community. The time has come to express our gratitude to the firefighters and to do what we can to help them replenish their resources. All summer our fans have been asking what they can do to help support the Mish and the opportunity is now here...Buy a ticket to Grateful Fest and celebrate with us and 3 great bands!”

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