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Marc Herremans, also known as Mad Max, is born on December 19 in 1973 in Merksem, Belgium-Flanders. He is a well-known triathlon athlete, who unfortunately became disabled after a dramatic fall during one of his training sessions in Lanzarote 2002. More information about Marc can be found on following website:  Don't forget to put on the sound when visiting this site.

This book is a biography, and was written since Marc experienced that his story was an inspiring message for several people. In this book, he tells us what he did before his triathlon career, why he started practicing triathlon, how his accident in Lanzarote occurred, how he copes with being disabled, and of course he talks about his participation at the Ironman 2002 in Hawaii, and a lot more.

Comments on the book:

-         This book excites several feelings: some passages in this book made my flesh creep, others made me laugh, and sometimes I had to brush away a tear. I'm sure this book will leave nobody untouched!

-         The life vision and perseverance of this great athlete are unbelievable. I'm sure this book will support a lot of people!

-         I was happily surprised to read Marc met John Maclean, who is according to me, also a great athlete with an enormous perseverance. This Australian sportsman became disabled after he was hit by a truck. Being disabled, he swum the Chanal. The reporting on "National Geographic" did not leave me untouched either.

-         (For the moment?) the book is only available in Dutch, but for the English-speaking people, a lot of information can be found on following website:



Joanne Godber's picture

Hi just wondered if you knew when Marc Herremans book would be published in English and where it would be available from.


anonymous's picture

I have no idea whether the book will be translated or not. I can't find any information about it. If I do, I'll let you know!


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