The Heavy Pets | 'Heavy Pets' | Review


Submitted by -Tim Hurley Thu, 08/26/2010 - 6:57 pm

Cut from the same cloth as Animal Liberation Orchestra, G-Love and the Special Sauce, or the Dave Matthews Band comes a jam-pop band for the 21st century known as The Heavy Pets.  This Florida-based collective has been touring like mad since their inception five years ago, and have finally delivered their first full-length studio album.  The result is a sturdy, uplifting project that could cement the Heavy Pets as the next band to break the mold and enter the mainstream.

The current lineup consisting of Jeff Lloyd (guitar), Mike Garulli (guitar), Jim Wuest (keyboards), Justin Carney (bass), Jaime Newitt (drums) are all exceptional musicians, and even share vocal duties when necessary.  They do a superb job of blending excellent harmonies, blues riffs, hip-hop, and straight up rock n' roll to create a familiar sound that frankly no one can turn down.

Whether it’s the pop-melodies of the opening track "Drenched", the 70s-ish rhythm and blues ballad "Grace Blix", or the Flobots-like rap and rock tune "Lazy Ana", this self-titled project is full of catchy hooks and pleasing songs.

The band also displays wonderful vocal range on the gritty "How Would I", and show off their jazz chops on the groovy "Spin Round".

Although the band is best known for their fiery live performances, they are obviously comfortable in the studio as well.  Each song is well-produced and radio-friendly.  It would not be surprising to hear the reggae-infused, sun-splashed "No More Time" making the rounds on adult alternative and college radio stations soon.

The group is hard to classify with so many styles they draw upon, but the bottom line is that the Heavy Pets are downright fun.  Get in line with this up-and-coming band so you can tell your friends you were into these guys before they made it big.