Hot Buttered Rum (11/15/07, Eugene OR) - Archived Webcast!

The Grateful Web and the WOW Hall teamed up to provide a live video webcast of Hot Buttered Rum's Nov. 15th 2007 show, in Eugene Oregon.  During the show there was a link to the LIVE webcast.  We have replaced that URL with a link to the archived video.  You will need Windows Media Player (and at least version 9.0) to watch the stream.  Please see below for more information about what is needed to view the webcast. 

Many thanks to Hot Buttered Rum for granting us the opportunity to webcast their live performance!   

 >>>  ARCHIVED VIDEO (HBR, 11/15/2007)  <<<

We want you feedback!!!  Leave comments at the bottom of this page so we can try to make adjustments.  This is not a perfect science... yet!  Thanks!

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Webcasting Provided by Webstar Streaming.

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aaron at the show's picture

Let me know about the quality! The Wow Halls connection is a bit flakey right now.

aaron at the show's picture

restarted the feed!!! you might have to restart your media player.... band is not on the stage yet

aaron at the show's picture

we are tweaking the feed... if it drops out... just hit the PLAY button again!

aaron at the show's picture

band coming on at they say

amanda's picture

i'm not getting anything yet...oh cool never mind. i hear music and see a stage but no little playing men

amanda's picture

go walk in front of the stage so you can say hi properly slacker. : )

Randi Whitehead's picture

Is Mr. Spork here? I can see the stage, technology is the coolest thing, good thing I only have to work 9:30 a.m to 12:00 tomorrow.....can't miss this! I need my HBR's been way too long!

a's picture

ok now i see our modified logo and hear music but the page keeps buffering over and over

Rockin Randi's picture

Cool, I'm virtually there, who else is here?

aaron at show's picture

keep talking to me people!!!! the band is on the stage and you should see the stage now

Rockin Randi's picture

someone tell everybody "on the rail" that isnt' there to turn around and wave at all of us on the web cast!!!!!!!

Rockin Randi's picture

Hey Aaron, the canned music sounds fine...... and the picture is great too, THANK YOU!

aaron at show's picture

thank you so much randi!!! let me know about buffering problems and such.... positive feedback is nice too!!!:)

aaron at show's picture

band is going to playn now!

RR's picture

who is the cutie in the carrier?

amanda's picture

awesome! much better luv! there's some delay @ times and the buffering is continuing but overall it's cool to see y'all happy and having a good time. it does kick me off every so often saying the vid can't continue because of server issues. anyone else seeing that?

sug's picture

major kudos. watch a decent amount of streams and this is one of the best ive seen. sound and video quality are crystal clear and the streams not pausing/skipping at all. bufferings usually the biggest issue ive seen.

great job!!!

jeffinsanediego's picture

very nice indeed!

aaron at show's picture

thanks so much for you feedback! we are going to make some adjustments at half time...

seems that the Wow Halls internet connection is sluggish.

RR's picture

yes, the picture keeps disappearing periodically and I have to rebuffer, but the music sounds great, stage lighting not the best, but that happens everywhere, not something you can control!

Mozaik's picture

TOMM. NIGHT FRI...HOT BUTTERED RUM is LIVE WEBCAST with a MULTI CAMERA SHOOT! with unlimited seats available from The Mobius in Ashland. ps. they are webcasting all of their shows.

RR's picture

Thank you to the band for mentioning the web cast, we got our waves from the "rail"! That was awesome!

aaron at the show's picture

second set time! thanks for tuning in. i stopped the stream for a moment there...

wooo hohoo


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