Steve Kimock Band Webcast Archive Available Now!

The Steve Kimock Band & Grateful Web teamed up to provide a LIVE streaming video broadcast of SKB's December 17th performance at the Wow Hall in Eugene, OR.  *** The archived video file is now available ***

Start Stream:  < < SKB - 12/17/2005 - Live Webcast Archive from Grateful Web > >

You can view photos from the show here: Photos from SKB - 12/17/2005

Grateful Web's favorite quote from the webcast... "listening to SKB live with my 3 month old is his first show...this is great!!!"

The Grateful Web would like to thank the Steve Kimock Band, WebStar Streaming, the Wow Hall, & everyone who logged into the event.   Stay tuned for future webcasts...

Streaming media is extremely expensive and we are paying out of pocket.  We hope to do more webcasting events in the near future. If you feel like donating to our bandwidth expense, please do so!  Your donations will help feed the fire for more streaming events in the future.


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Chris's picture

Here's setlist:



Wow Hall

Eugene, OR

I: Bad Hair

Electric wildlife

Long Form Pt 1 (!)

Funky Miracle

While We Wait


II: Green (!)

Ice Cream Factory

Thing One (!)

Medicine Music

Dr. Zaius


dave l's picture

this was a real treat.sound quality was great. thanks.

aaron's picture

glad you guys had a good time! we really appreciate your feed back. it helps us improve on what we are trying to do here.

Chris's picture

I'm IN! Let's get this party started (for the sake of us East Coast is midnight!!)

Chris's picture

Anyone out there enjoying this as much as I am?

EdB's picture

Thanks MassDave for hooking me up!

mass dave's picture

no prob ed! weir enjoyin it too chris!

emily rasmussen's picture

this is very cool. Steve's a great player and we're glad you guys are showcasing such a great musician. THanks GratefulWEb!

Chris's picture

hey y'all...this is some fun, eh? glad to see some folks are enjoying this too....go SKB (Reed going off right now!)...yeeeeeeeehaaaawwwww!

chris's picture


chris's picture

if anyone cares to check it out...there is a great interview with steve here:

some good insight into steve's political perspective...enjoy

EdB's picture

Hey Chris:

How long are Steve's sets normally?


chris's picture

about an hour, EdB...probably on or two more songs after this...

EdB's picture

What a way to wind down a Saturday night!


chris's picture

this tune, Malichi, should end the first set...I love the sweet, clear chords steve strikes in this song...

chris's picture

I'll give my best stab at the set list...I am not sure about 2 songs...

set 1:

Kickin' Up Dust

Bad Hair

Electric Wildlife

Long Form Part 1

Rob Tune (?)

Sleepwalk (?)


mass dave's picture

damnt... i missed malichi, what a bummer. my favorite kimock song!

Pat's picture

Caught Steve in Seattle Thur nite. Played from 10pm til 2am. Two 2 hr sets. Only about 1/2 the songs the same tonite. Gotta love this!

Scott's picture

f'n sweet

eric's picture

listening to SKB live with my 3 month old is his first show...this is great!!!

chris's picture

what would make this webcast better for y'all?

sounds pretty good to my ears...maybe clearer picture? still it is pretty cool...

eric's picture

i have better line of sight with the webcast than i had at my last show on 7/29/05 @ 12 Galaxies - San Francisco. video could be better, but this is way better than most

chris's picture

bandwidth is the only issue...i wish we could have better video, part is light and part is bandwidth , but we don't want to sacrifice sound quality...and the camera angle is the only possible one, becuase venue has only one camera...I'm haivng a blast here in NY...where are you all viewing from? Thanks...

eric's picture

viewing from houston, but from pittsburgh..

chris's picture

this is a CRAZY Thing One! I am viewing from Upstate NY (Saratoga SPrings), but went to school with 2 of the other Gweb folks at Nebraska - Go Big Red!!!

scott's picture

im viewing from so cal and the only problem is window is small resolution wise, make it bigger picture gets bad, that and maybe make all good for quicktime as well for us mac users... thanks for this!.....

Pat's picture

Better vid would be great. But would cost bandwidth. Perhaps zoom in a little tighter.

Scott's picture

anybody know this tune???

eric's picture

sound is really good...thanks a bunch...this is substantially better than a tipitina's webcast I watched of SKB

Pat's picture

I've gotta say, this sound quality is unbelievable for a webcast!!! Nice job!

chris's picture

good noght guys, thatnks for playing...

eric's picture

big thanks!!!

ronn's picture

Awesome! Sound quality is excellent! Thanks again

jeffhero's picture

Good job! Thanks for this treat. Looks like it got pretty hot on stage pretty quick. The sacrifice.....

Thanks SKB!

dave's picture

it says live streaming of the kimock show but their is no link to the show? just that it will be posted afterward???????????????????

anonymous's picture



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