Impressively Awesome: The Yawpers throw down at the Walnut Room

This past Saturday at The Walnut Room I experienced The Yawpers.  I purposefully say, “experienced,” because that is happens when you see The Yawpers, you gain a meaningful experience.  Well, maybe not meaningful, but definitely a great time where you may find yourself getting sucked into their rhythmic guitar riffs, dancing, and drinking a bit too much.  I found myself enthralled while listening to them and I can happily report I was not alone.  The entire crowd loved them, with a third dancing happily, and the rest enjoying the music in their own style.

This was the first time I saw The Yawpers and I can attest to their originality and skill with their instruments.  I would like to ask them, “Where’s the bass?”  However, they still successfully rock with two guitarists and a drummer.  Their lineup is half of their originality.  I’ve never seen two acoustic guitar players rock as hard as they did.  They had awesome lyrics as well, reminding me of an even more badass version of Johnny Cash mixed with The Black Keys, but more western rock than dirty blues that The Black Keys play. 

In the end, I would watch out for this band and support them when they play local shows.  It will be well worth your time, I promise.  Their next local gig is 3/31 at the Larimer Lounge:  I hope to see you there!

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