Keith Richards and Steve Miller Do More for Les

Keith Richards takes to his official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with an exclusive “Ask Keith” video clip answering the question “What was it like to work with Lou Pallo?” on the new Les Paul tribute album, Thank You Les.

“He came up with the most perfect song”, said Richards, referring to his collaboration with Pallo on the Les Paul and Bing Crosby 1941 hit, It’s Been a Long, Long Time.  “He’s known as the Man of a Million Chords and he can find a chord for every different note you’re singing, which fascinates me.”

Pallo, who met Les Paul in 1963 and is credited for bringing Paul out of semi-retirement for 30 years of steady Monday night gigs in New York City, recently released the CD/DVD tribute to his friend and mentor with not only Richards and Steve Miller in tow but Slash, José Feliciano, Billy F Gibbons (ZZ Top), Eddie Brigati (The Rascals), Bucky Pizzarelli, Johnny A and other notable artists.  The 21-track luscious analog recording, and documentary featuring insight to working with guitar icon Paul, is hitting the jazz charts while also garnering airplay on Jazz, Blues and Triple A radio stations.

Steve Miller, Les Paul’s Godson, who flew in to New York to perform at the Thank You Les release party, penned the packages liner notes.  “Even after becoming one of the most influential musicians and inventors of the 21st Century, Les Paul always had time for everyone from Tony Bennett to Johnny Rotten to anyone in between.  It’s a tribute to the kind of human being Les was that he was always willing to share his spotlight with any musician that was brave enough to come forward and say hello.”

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