Live Video Webcast! The Motet at the WOW Hall - 12/01/2012

Grateful Web will be providing a live video webcast for The Motet's show at the WOW Hall, in Eugene OR, Thursday 11/08/12, 9pm PST. This just in... we'll be broadcasting the opening band, Eleven Eyes! They start at 9pm. Come back to this page just before 9pm, on 12/1/2012, to view the show in the player below. You can open the player to full screen once it starts! Loading the player... jwplayer("container").setup({ id: "playerID", width: 610, height: 343, image: "", provider: "rtmp", streamer: "rtmp://", file: "livestream", autostart: true, skin: "", controlbar: { position: "bottom" }, plugins: { "ova-jw": { "player": { "modes": { "linear": { "controls": { "enableFullscreen": false, "enablePlay": false, "enablePause": false, "enableMute": true, "enableVolume": true } } } } } }, modes: [ { type: "flash", src: "" } ] }); jwplayer().onError(jwplayer().stop()); PLEASE NOTE:There will be a HD stream and a standard stream available (the video player below will auto select the best stream based on your connection speed). You need at least a 512k download speed to get a decent stream. You can test your download speed here.