Lubriphonic | Double Door | 9/25/2010


Submitted by -srichards Mon, 09/27/2010 - 4:45 pm

"Circular Energy" that's what Rick called it.  I had the pleasure to speak to Rick King, a founding members of Lubriphonic, just moments before the band's long-time anticipated return to their hometown Chicago.

The band was formed by two existing members, lead singer Giles Corey and drummer Rick King who have past connections playing as "side men" with such musical legends as Koko Taylor, Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. Giles does all the writing and leads the group's high-energy performances.  Also includes an enthusiastic 3-piece horn section and keyboards (with must-see solo performances from each).

During the show, I began feeling the energy from the band, then looked back at the packed-house audience at the Double Door, and I realized that the audience was feeding off the massive energy coming from the stage. The group of 20s and 30s in the audience were emanating a performance of their own, dancing and gyrating and jumping and waving arms with enthusiasm rarely seen these days

After listening to the dynamic, high-energy performance of these 6 Chicago-style artists,  I found myself pondering this "Circular Energy" that Rick thinks is one of the keys to their success and popularity.  Each member of the band clearly "felt" their music, and the sum total was an experience that filled the room and vibrated its walls!  But more than that, the band and audience were actually celebrating and sharing the energy of the music.  It was a wonderful experience, and one I'll look forward to repeating when I see them again.

Chicago loves it's music. And that's what Lubriphonic delivers: a combination of funk, soul, R&B that's styled by their own home-grown, Chicago SW-side-style blues. The band offers their third album, "The Gig in On", highly recommended as a portrait of the Chicago Music Scene.  But if you want to experience that circular energy for yourself, see them live!

Check out some more photos from Lubriphonic's show at the Double Door in Chicago, IL this weekend.

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