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Matador! Soul Sounds is proud to announce their debut album Get Ready. The band consists of the dream team of Eddie Roberts (New Mastersounds) and Alan Evans (Soulive) alongside keyboardist Chris Spies and bassist Kevin Scott. Rounding out the already killer line-up are vocalists Kimberly Dawson (Pimps of Joytime) and Adryon de León (Orgone) bringing their soulful and powerful energy to the mix. Combining the dynamism of each band leader, the music they have created is brand new, hard hitting and drenched with their shared musical passions – jazz, funk & soul.
In order to get to know the band better, we will introduce a more in-depth lookinto each band member during our #MatadorMonday weekly campaign. Starting on February 5th, check out Matador! Soul Sounds website and social platforms to get a free download from the album every week (for six weeks) leading up to release date. The weekly promotion will give fans more information on each band member and their personal stories about select songs and perspective on creating the album.
Matador! Soul Soundswas formed organically when Eddie and Alan were on tour. Eddie explains, "The idea came about one night while we were drinking wine in a bar in DC when I turned to Alan and asked 'can we start a band together?' Alan obviously shared the same sentiment as here we are today launching the debut album!" The next step was to come up with a name that encompassed both of their identities and musical inspirations. The naming of the band came about during Eddie and Alan's Grant Green tribute shows. Both of them liked the Grant Green album Matador!, and all that it evoked. Matador! Soul Sounds is a band loosely based on the concept of traditional Spanish bullfighting. However, a common misconception in America is that bullfighting is a feat of one man versus one bull. In reality, bullfighting is largely a team effort by a matador and his cuadrilla - which is the theme that showcases the all-star lineup behind this original band.