Mile High Music Festival Appoints Rob Thomas as Festival General Manager

After 12 years building a career as one of Denver's most innovative music-industry entrepreneurs, Rob Thomas finds himself at the center of two of Colorado's biggest industry stories: the Denver-area's inaugural Mile High Music Festival and recent national breakout band, Colorado's own DeVotchKa. In February 2008, Chuck Morris, CEO of AEG Live Rocky Mountains, convinced Thomas to join his team at AEG as General Manager of the Mile High Music Festival. Thomas has been DeVotchKa's band manager since day one.

Whether working for Chuck Morris, or helping DeVotchKa secure opportunities such as scoring the soundtrack for the indie-movie hit "Little Miss Sunshine," performing recently on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and headlining this summer's MONOLITH Festival, Thomas could not be more thankful for the people who help him make it happen.

"Being asked by Chuck to take on this huge responsibility is an honor, but it's not about me," Thomas says. "It's about being part of the team and working with incredible people."

As a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder College of Architecture and Planning, Thomas has always worked from the ground up, so to speak. He got his start managing local bands and helping to run the Fox Theatre's street team.  He eventually became general manager of the Boulder venue. While there, Thomas implemented the in-house ticketing program, the Fox sampler CD, acquired corporate sponsors, created the VIP viewing deck, secured the building historic landmark status, and more.

Chuck Morris, recognizing Rob's potential, asked him to run the Fillmore in 2003. There Rob displayed ingenuity by creating the venue's VIP balcony and improving general business operations so much so that the Fillmore Denver has become a model for venues nationwide.

Thomas' "how can we make it better" attitude and dedication to follow-through made him Morris' No. 1 candidate yet again as the Mile High Music Festival wheels began rolling. As the general manager of the Festival, Thomas is overseeing all aspects of the event, from the site planning and infrastructure to building a unique vendor village and securing educational art installations.

"It's mind blowing to be a part of some of the biggest things (Mile High Music Festival and DeVotchka) happening in music in Colorado," Thomas says.

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