Mt. Kilimanjaro!


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hi valeria, thanks for the not so insightful comment. in addition, your run-on sentence doesn't make any sense.

pamela is giving us a run down of an experience she had. maybe it's just me, but this doesn't really read like a speech.

i'm rather confused on how you could be offended by this article... i'm assuming you are offended, judging the 'tone' of the string of words you put forth.

next time, perhaps take a little time to think out what you are trying to say. or better, yet, reconsider if you should say it at all.

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I think this is all bullshit and a very rhetoric speech change it this it shit!!!

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Hey Pamela,

You write up on your Tanzanian vacation was extremely cool! I'm originally a Tanzanian who lives in Dubai, UAE and I go to Tanzania for a vacation almost every summer. I'm climbing kilimanjaro next year while my sister succesfully made it to the highest point in Africa through the Marungu route. The Machame route is supposed to be way tougher and I congratulate you on making it to the top! Also you must have had a great time in Zanzibar! I'v heard that it is rated the 3rd prettiest island in the world by tourists...pretty beutiful island.

Well thats it from me now, again a great write up!