Powerful Alternative Rock Is The Mantra For Mustard


Submitted by -Ascot Media Group Fri, 07/12/2013 - 2:36 pm

The band Mustard has been nominated for the 2014 AIM (Artists in Music) Awards in the rock category, and voting is now open for fans at http://bit.ly/17xysrm. Bringing energy and passion to the indie music scene, band founder Jack Mustard is optimistic about the success of their album “In the Dark” released in April 2013“I wanted to write meaningful alternative rock music with deep roots,” he says. “But there’s diversity between tracks. Some have a powerful heavy overtone, and others are more poetic, even symphonic.” Tracks from the EP are regularly heard on independent radio around the world, such as Audioburger.com, a London station, and Rockunderground.tv, an American station. A second EP titled “In the Light” will be released in August 2013.Since its inception in 2012, Mustard has generated a global appeal which transcends music genres. “The music speaks for itself,” Mustard continues. “Powerful, earth driven energy that’s provocative in nature. Dynamic riff patterns overlay intense lyrics about life, love, war, power, and death.” Although a new band, the music seems destined to make waves and seat itself in time with great power based rock bands.Occasionally appearing onstage shirtless and in dreadlocks, Mustard’s live performances quickly have fans up and the energy level high. Compelling and forceful, tracks such as “Dark Lit Bar” and “Heaven and Hell” showcase Mustard’s skill as an artist, bringing deep emotions to light. Acoustic sets have a power and charm all their own; Mustard likes to say that even their love songs pack a punch. Mustard is represented by ReTake Talent Search.com, an innovative company dedicated to helping all artists get the recognition they deserve.Mustard’s album is widely available online at www.mustardmusic.net via ITunes. At ReverbNation.com, Mustard donates 50% of the proceeds to CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty.For more, please visit the website: www.mustardmusic.net.