Singer/Songwriter Cara Leigh's 'Home' EP


Submitted by -Stephanie Maksimow Wed, 01/17/2018 - 11:36 am

Today, award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Cara Leigh announced details for her sixth EP release, Home, which will be released on March 2, 2018 via Electric Bird Records. With past experience creating music in both the folk/indie and electronic worlds, Cara found Electric Bird to be the perfect Home for the release. Home is a five-track EP, produced by the UK’s Cornelius Julius, filled with soothing vocals and emotionally-driven lyrics that will leave you feeling cozy and warm on any given day. To celebrate the announcement, Cara released a live acoustic video of “Went Away,” the first single released from the album and one that pulls on the heartstrings. A homage to an old friend who has passed on, Cara wrote “Went Away” as her means to grieve with a loss, a feeling that transcends the music and invokes the listener. On the release, Cara Leigh states:

“I believe this is some of my best work to date. The process of making this EP was intentional, and specific and this helped shape the overall vibe of what I was trying to create. The whole EP process involved significant collaboration from friends and family, (production, mastering, artwork, etc) which has made this EP that much more special to me.” - Cara Leigh

Cara Leigh is an award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter who presents an emotionally-driven soundscape through lyrical prowess and soothing vocals. The artist seamlessly blends acoustic and electric sounds with various textures from folk and indie, creating a sound that transcends boundaries and appeals to wider audiences with eclectic tastes. Over the last few years, Cara has stepped outside the folk and indie genres to collaborate in the EDM world, bridging a gap in the music industry and creating music with a fresh, new vibe. Since 2013, Cara has released five EPs, and for the last three teamed up with UK producer Cornelius Julius. For her forthcoming EPHome, she has rekindled her connection to her folk and indie roots and has again teamed up with Julius for their fourth release together. Home is an EP that will sooth your mind, your feelings, and captivate your emotions with an atmospheric, folk sound.

Head to YouTube today to watch the live acoustic video of “Went Away,” for a taste of what’s to come. Home is set for release March 2, 2018 through Electric Bird Records. To stay up to date, be sure to follow the Cara Leigh on Facebook.