Solomon Grundy (April 2001)

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In the wake of eclectic improvisational rock bands, Solomon Grundy stands out with with near virtuosic playing and high-energy antics to produce a truly entertaining and spellbinding live show. The danceable grooves, energetic performances, upbeat messages, and hummable melodies make for a memorable experience to say the least. Classified as 'Eclectic Rock', the band's unique sound borrows from various musical styles around the world including Jazz, Funk, Latin, Progressive, hip-hop, and Calypso. "We have a distinct signature sound that has been the result of mixing a lot of different genres into our own musical margarita" states vocalist and guitarist Mark Hamrock. The strength of the band lies in well crafted songs with catchy hooks that are stretched into full out improvisations during live performances without boring the audience or going over their heads musically. "It's all about balance between spontaneity and structure.

Solomon Grundy is currently promoting themselves by touring clubs, colleges, and festivals nationally to expose their latest four song EP titled Unraveled , as well as their 1999 full-length release, Follow the Tide. The band is planning on releasing a live CD captured from their tour in the near future, as well as returning to the studio to record another full-length album. Sales of both CDs and merchandise have spread the band's name and notoriety throughout the country and into Europe. "This is just the beginning of an all-out barrage of promotion. We hope to get Solomon Grundy's music and message out to as many people as possible in an efficient manner through radio, touring, press, etc" the band announces. And what is the "message" that Solomon Grundy wants to share with so many people? "That there is a happy medium between being spontaneously funky and improvisational, yet also having good, solid songwriting". Hamrock answers...truely something for everyone.

Formed in the spring of 1992, Solomon Grundy built a loyal fan base from the beginning by playing self-promoted parties in the middle of the desert. The band members would hand out self-drawn promotional flyers, rent a power generator, and haul their equipment 150 miles to El Mirage, a dry, desolate lake bed located in the southern California desert. Away from the city and beneath the stars, the band would host a night of spontaneous music with sometimes chaotic results. "I look back and think about how amazing it was that we would play for five hours straight with only about an hour of rehearsed material" Hamrock smiles. "That people loved it is even more amazing". The early fans did love it and word spread like wild fire through local colleges and word of mouth. "We had about five people at the first party, one hundred at the second, and five hundred at the third…. they just kept growing and growing until they were too big for us to handle" remembers keyboardist Brent Brandon. Solomon Grundy then graduated to the club circuit and was soon playing sold out shows at the House of Blues in Hollywood "They had the place shaking, the whole house was on their feet" says John Morgan, publicist for Jamms.


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