Taylen | Masque | Review

Australia may be best known (when it comes to music) for hard rock like AC/DC and Midnight Oil or rock based pop music like Men at Work, but a young lady named “Taylen” seems to be intent on changing that by putting modern pop on the Australian radar. Everything here seems to be designed and performed with the intent of invading the pop world and dominating it.

While the primary single “Bonnie and Clyde” is nothing new and unheard before, it’s energetic and driving rhythmic texture and strong vocal performance make it a winner. “Drive” has some of the same musical elements and themes, but a bit rockier sound is managed through the guitar. The chorus is “All the Way” is amongst the most accessible and memorable of the whole set. “Run Away” is another with a bit more guitar sound. It’s also another successful pop cut.

Taylen might only be 16 years old, but she has an amazing amount of talent. The Katy Perry’s of the world better watch out because Taylen seems to have her sights set on the pop domination that Perry and others currently possess. I hope they are looking in their rear view mirrors because they might find Taylen is watching them from in front sometime in the near future.

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