Tonal Vision (May 2001)

Tonal Vision is a Birmingham based band of four like-minded musicians. In the summer of 1997, they met up in the same music theory class at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Jason Bailey, the mandolinist, was studying music at Maryville College in Tennessee. Simply for the fun of it, they put together a bluegrass set of music to be performed at a local pizza parlor.

Over the years, their performances have expanded into two main portions: One is all acoustic, consisting mostly of the bands unique and energetic original acoustic compositions but also contains some bluegrass traditionals. The other is an electrified assault of funk, rock, jazz, fusion and anything else they can get their eager hands on. With the release of their debut CD "Odd Times", and with the addition of their latest album "Time of Calling" Tonal Vision began to expand into other markets including Knoxville, Mobile, Auburn, Greenville, Atlanta and other areas around the Southeast.

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