WILLIAM MYLAR...Singer, Songwriter, & Musician


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way to go Mylar...and thanks again for my personal Dylan concert.

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Way to go Billy! Great back yard shot, too bad there are no mad cows in the background!

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Wow. Thanks. I'm very honored. And on the anniversary of Jerry's birthady, too! Interesting choice of picture. ;-)

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Congrats to Mylar! A true pro, kind soul and fun zoner to boot!

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DUDE! YOU ROCK! Can't wait to hear your next CD...We saw George Bush tapping his toe and wearing a headset with an MP3 player, when asked what was he listening too, he replied "well, I ya, well, I ya guess Im listening to that new folk wave guy, Mylar....can't seem to get this tune out of my head",,,,what's that, oh, the oil crisis...no comment,,,,,

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Mylar, thanks for making the trip down to SoCal last night. You have a great voice and I loved that "on the radio" song.