Eleanor Tallie's Debut Album, Available for Pre-Order


Submitted by -Tsunami Publicity Wed, 02/24/2016 - 2:30 pm

Available to the public on March 4th, Eleanor Tallie's Debut Album, No Turning Back is currently open for Pre-Order on iTunes. Last week marked the official release of Tallie's first single, "I Tried", which highlights her incredible vocals through funky organs, slippery guitar licks, and a driving bass line.

Vocalist, songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist, Eleanor Tallie has been captivated by the groove of American music since her childhood in Israel. For her debut recording, Eleanor assembled a team of carefully-selected musicians, including 2016 Grammy nominated engineer and producer, Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell. Currently residing in Memphis, Eleanor has toured extensively and performed 180 shows in over 30 states in the US within the time span of a year and a half.

Throughout the recording process, No Turning Back became a symbol of mindfulness as it developed into something more than a simple studio recording; it became a journey the the heart of human emotion.

While the record certainly falls into the definition of Neo-Funk, it is hard to overlook the variety of genres and sub-genres which emerge when drifting from track to track. In addition to her debut release in March, Eleanor Tallie has begun to nail down a number of upcoming tour dates including intimate performances in Tallahassee and Memphis through February. With a number of additional dates to be announced in the upcoming weeks, fans should stay tuned for more dates to be added on through Eleanor’s social media and website.

Pre-Order No Turning Back through iTunes to be the first to hear this incredible Neo-Funk experience on March 4th. Catch a glimpse of what is to come by listening to Eleanor Tallie's debut single release, "I Tried", currently available for download on iTunes.

For more information about releases, upcoming tour dates and artist information check out the official website at www.eleanortallie.com