Just Announced: Hot Soup & Dead/Phish Orchestra @ Fox Theatre


Submitted by -Fox Theater Mon, 11/05/2012 - 11:03 am

Z2 Entertainment is proud to present Hot Soup & Dead/Phish Orchestra at the Fox Theatre on Friday, December 21st.  Tickets will go on sale to the public on Friday, November 9th for $8.00.  

Hot Soup is just the thing! It’s is a thick, rich and hearty combination of funk, rock, fusion, jazz, reggae, blues and other quality ingredients, then garnished with a healthy amount of homemade improvisation for good measure. This Hot Soup is no bland, canned variety; it’s fresh, spicy and packs some serious rock ‘n’ roll flavor.

Led by founding members Matt Flaherty on guitar and Mirco Altenbach on saxophone, Hot Soup is a tremendously talented – and deliriously odd – Boulder-based five-piece with a remarkable ability to incorporate every imaginable mutation of rock, and effortlessly combine contrasting styles – and bit of schlock – into its sound.

Hot Soup’s new rhythm section brings a heavy element of groove – and talent – to the band’s sound. Joining Flaherty’s searing guitar work and Altenbach’s soaring sax are Naropa University faculty member and African drumming master Scott Parker Mast on percussion, former Zobomaze bassist Sean Dandurand and jazz-obsessed drummer Ryan Sapp, a Detroit-native who also plays with The Pete Kartsounes band.

Dead/Phish Orchestra

All of us who have experienced Phish & The Grateful Dead know that what lies at the heart of it all is the incredible amount of energy that is exchanged between the band and the audience at a live show. We try our best to recreate that energy so that we can share it with audiences who are clearly thirsting for it. While we would never claim to be able to truly recreate the originals, we do think we can bring a respectable version of it into intimate settings.

Dead/Phish Orchestra is…quite simply… A seamless web of Phish and Dead to split open and melt your face.

Winter Solstice Party featuring Hot Soup & Dead/Phish Orchestra

Fox Theatre

Friday, December 21st, 2012
Doors:  8:30 pm
Show:  9:00 pm