Nebraska Hosting Oklahoma & 9 Recruits!

Go Big Red!- for the Grateful Web
Even us Colorado Girls Love The Huskers! - for the Grateful Web

This is a big weekend for Nebraska football.  The Huskers are looking for win number 6 and another big conference win.  An impressive showing will surely help the Huskers in national exposure as well as getting a few commitments from visiting recruits. 

Grateful Web put together a cheat sheet to help identify the visiting recruits this weekend.  The cheat sheet is a WORD document that you can download and print out.  All information and content came from RIVALS.COM.  They get all credit for the content, we just stuffed it into this document so we could print it out and take it to the game.

Perhaps some of you that are going to the game could print out several copies and pass them out so that others can help personalize the experience for these talented kids!

Husker Visting Recruits - 10/28/2005 - Word Document

Here is an attempt at converting the document to HTML.  I can't guarantee how well it will line up, but I think it's close!  It displays like crap as a web page, but it should print out pretty well (three pages). 

Husker Visting Recruits - 10/28/2005 - HTML Version



NOTE:  The Grateful Web will be taking pictures of this weekend's game.  Be sure to check back next week for pictures of not only the 2005 squad, but as much of the 1995 team who will be honored this weekend!

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Its tough being a Nebraska Cornhusker football fan lately.

2004 Nebraska Cornhuskers- for the Grateful Web
Nebraska vs. Western Ill.- for the Grateful Web

For the first time in 36 years, Nebraska is not going bowling this coming bowl season. Gone are the 42 years without a losing season.   The demise really first started with the pummeling Nebraska took in 2001 in Boulder, when Nebraska, ranked #1, ended up losing 62 -36, their worse loss in school history.  After that, Nebraska was beat up in the Rose Bowl...  and the bleeding just begun.  In 2002, what I sarcastically refer to the season as the 'goal post tour 2002,' because fans of every team Nebraska faced on the road tore down their goal posts in celebration of beating Nebraska.  In three short years, a program that was feared everywhere dropped to everyday status. First came the end of the 33-year run in the polls in 2002. Then the nine-win season streak fell.  The only streak we have left in consecutive sell-outs at Memorial Stadium, but if Nebraska continues to be a mediocre team, one will wonder if that will go too.. 

Mike Moran, Grateful Web & Nebraska Alumnus

Hey Barry Bonds, I cannot stick up for you any longer..

Barry Bonds hits one out of Pac Bell- for the Grateful Web

Dear Barry Bonds:

Like many people in my generation (I am 34), you have been the greatest baseball player I have known.  Since the mid 70's as a kid in New Jersey watching & attending Yankee games, I have watched great players come and go, including Nolan Ryan, Don Mattingly, Reggie Jackson, and so many other great ball players, but in the last five years or so, you have made many of their accomplishments seem less extraordinary.  I remember Reggie hitting three homers in the 78 World Series, I remember Bucky Dent hitting his pinch hit homer to beat Boston. I remember the Mets winning in 1986; I have so many great memories from baseball.

Until now, I have been naive over steroid use.  Now, I remember when you first came into the league in the late 80's, hell I even remember watching you in the College World Series.  In spite of knowing how thin you were, I refused to believe your gigantic increase in size in your mid 30's was simply a result of your work-out regiment.  My dad, himself a huge baseball fan, has been turned off from baseball in the last 10 years, mostly because of how many balls leaving the ballpark.  I told him it's because guys are bigger and stronger nowadays, Dad.  However, he said there's a lot more to do that that, including bringing the ballparks in (Yankee Stadium is a perfect example), pitching is not what it used to be (Allie Reynolds is an example my dad gives), etc.  Regardless, in 2001, when Barry hit his 73 dingers, according to my perception, it was simply the most amazing season Barry or anyone other slugger has ever had and my Dad should accept it. I, like many other baseball fans were watching with excitement as Barry belted shot after shot. I told my dad, before Marris hit 61, nobody believed someone who hit more than the Babe did when he hit 60. It's just an evolution of the sport because of bigger and stronger ballplayers. Well, I was wrong. It's not some amazing work-out routine making modern day ballplayers bigger and stronger, its steroids.  Barry never hit more than 50 dingers in his life before that 2001 season. What's worse, now that we know you did take steroids; you're trying to tell us you didn't know what you were taking!? C'mon, Barry, we've been duped long enough.  100 years from now, when kids talk about Barry Bonds like we talk about the Babe now, or Mickey Mantle, or some real legend, I just hope the kids also say, 'oh, yea he hit a lot of homers, but he took steroids to enhance his performance,' whereas the Babe or Hank Aaron never did.  You always have an asterisk next to your name, *Barry.


Mike Moran, Grateful Web



Its been since 1978 since all Florida teams went down on the same day

- for the Grateful Web

Florida, Florida State and Miami all lost today.  The last time all three Florida teams lost was in 1978.  Florida lost to the Georgia bulldogs at the world's largest cocktail party.  Florida State lost to the Maryland Terps in College Park. And in a dramatic last second field goal, the Tarheels upset Miami in Chapel Hill