Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival


Okeechobee Music Festival 2017 | Day Four

Submitted by L. Paul Mann on Tue, 03/14/2017 - 7:05 am

The final day of the 2017 Okeechobee Music Festival dawned cool and breezy with many exhausted music fans passed out all about the festival site. But another day of fantastic music from many genres got people motivated early despite their exhaustion. Even after 4 days of non-stop partying many committed festival goers wore fresh new costumes and sported freshly made totems.

Okeechobee Music Festival 2017 | Day 3

Submitted by L. Paul Mann on Tue, 03/14/2017 - 6:18 am

Day 3 of the Okeechobee Music Festival dawned chilly and breezy. Nonstop partying began taking its toll on festival goers and many took advantage of the cooler temperatures to get some actual sleep. But as high noon approached both Aquachobee beach and center Chobeewobee began to bustle with life again. The cool morning gave way to a sunny windblown day that created havoc in the camping areas, turning some tents into flying kites and stirring a virtual dust storm across the venues.

Okeechobee Music Festival 2017 | Day Two

Submitted by L. Paul Mann on Mon, 03/13/2017 - 6:17 am

Just as many Okeechobee festival-goers were returning to their campsites from a long night of EDM dance trance, the sunlit campgrounds in a bright golden burst. Luckily for daytime sleepers, a front moved in quickly covering the sun with a blanket of gray. For a short time, the threatening sky looked like it might break into stormy showers, but soon the front pushed through leaving a pleasant but blustery day in its wake. As a few tents took flight and others were being nailed down by surprised campers, the windy conditions persisted.

Okeechobee Music Festival 2017 | Day One

Submitted by L. Paul Mann on Sun, 03/05/2017 - 8:58 am
The chaos of modern life is left behind as you turn off the bustling 95 freeway that runs along nearly the entire East Coast and onto the old highway 714. Heading West along the rural road, freeway civilization gives way to one of the last unspoiled wilderness areas in South Florida. The ride into the Okeechobee Music Festival is a spectacular one, with thick green vegetation on all sides. Florida oak trees with hanging Spanish moss blowing in the warm tropical wind and swaying palm trees line the roadway growing ever denser as the road narrows.

Okeechobee Music Festival is now Sold Out

Submitted by Mason Jar Media on Wed, 03/01/2017 - 1:35 pm

The Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, a diverse, multi-genre event kicks off  this weekend from Thursday, March 2 – Sunday, March 5, and has officially SOLD OUT of all available tickets for the second year in a row.

This year is truly a global event. Attendees will be traveling from every continent except Antarctica, 60 countries, every US State, and over 2,370 cities from around the globe.   

Okeechobee Music Festival 2017 | Preview

Submitted by L. Paul Mann on Mon, 02/20/2017 - 8:05 am

One of the newest and unique multi-genre music festivals in the country is set to take place for the second time in natural forest wetlands just outside the rural town of Okeechobee Florida. Tens of thousands of music lovers will set up camp March 2-5, to enjoy four days of nearly non-stop music in the lush tropical setting.

Okeechobee Festival Announce PoWoW!

Submitted by Mason Jar Media on Thu, 02/16/2017 - 12:54 pm

The Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival (Thursday, March 2 to Sunday, March 5) is excited to announce the final lineup for this year’s PoWoW!, a  one-time-only live collaborative concert under the stars at Sunshine Grove. The 2017 PoWow! will take place on Saturday, March 4 at the Here Stage  from  10:15 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

Okeechobee Music Festival Announces Additional Artists

Submitted by Mason Jar Media on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 1:50 pm

Soundslinger is excited to announce additions to the lineup for the upcoming 2017 Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, a diverse, multi-genre event celebrating the start of spring with world renowned and on the rise performers, art installations to inspire with awe, yoga and meditation to cleanse the soul, great food, and friends new and old to enjoy it all with.

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