July 2004

On July 2, 2004, the COORS brewing company started running an ad intended to distance COORS the "company" from Pete Coors, the man running for the US Senate in Colorado on the Republican ticket.  The ad states that Pete Coors' campaign reflects his "personal" views - and not the views of the company.  The ad goes on to explain the Company's gay-friendly policies - which are in stark contrast to Pete Coors, the candidates, conservative stance on same-sex marriages.  Running ads to distance yourself from your namesake seems pretty severe to us.  Has COORS the brewery final


Summer is really thé time for festivals. In Belgium, each year the festival-season starts with Rock Werchter. Rock Werchter 2004 was four days of 80.000 visitors and 61 concerts on two podiums (main stage and pyramid marquee). As each year, the tickets were sold out very soon. In the very nick of time, I had managed to get a one-day-ticket and joint the last day of the festival. I was a bit disappointed, as I couldn't see Lenny Kravitz, who was performing the day before. But the Sunday-program was great as well.