7th Annual National Gathering Of SongFarmers at The Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame

Article Contributed by JWA Media | Published on Saturday, May 13, 2023

Folksinger Michael Johnathon and the WoodSongs Front Porch Association (WFPA) will host the 7th annual National Gathering of SongFarmers on Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13 at the historic Kentucky Music Hall of Fame & Museum estate in Renfro Valley, Kentucky. Front Porch pickers from across the country, called “SongFarmers,” will make their annual pilgrimage to the foothills of Appalachia for live music, hands-on workshops, active song circles, bluegrass jams, films and fun for the entire family. Plus, a healthy food truck will also be onsite daily provided by Comfort Food Kitchen.

FREE public concerts are scheduled for both Friday and Saturday evenings at the amphitheater and will feature live music performances given by SongFarmers from around the world. Current SongFarmers members and WoodSongs Partners get two FREE tickets to both days of the annual SongFarmers Gathering. Those planning to attend are asked to pre-register at songfarmers.org/2023gathering.

“A SongFarmer is any artist, musician, songwriter and picker who wants to use their passion and music to make their homes, families and communities better,” says founder Michael Johnathon. “The changes in the world of music have left many skilled, talented players behind in the digital dust. We believe they still matter, they still have purpose and they still are valid.”

The WFPA community of SongFarmers has grown to 96 active chapters from Australia, across America to Ireland where its members meet regularly to share music with one another. A national TV documentary has been filmed that explains the front porch community and can be view at SongFarmers.org/tv

“Never before in the last 100 years have the gentle spirit of America’s front porch been so needed,” says folksinger Rik Palieri, SongFarmer chapter leader in Heinsburg, Vermont. “And that’s what SongFarmers do, they are building a musical front porch around the world.”

7th Annual National Gathering of SongFarmers
Kentucky Music Hall of Fame
2590 Richmond St, Mt Vernon, KY 40456

Friday, May 12

2:00pm: SLOW JAMS all day with PERRY & DIANA BRAKE
4:00pm: Shape Note Singing led by RON PEN with RUTH McLAIN
5:00pm: TOWN HALL Welcome to the Group with KARI ESTRIN
6:00pm: Picnic & FREE Public Concert
**SONGFARMERS sign up for a performance slot at the welcome desk when you arrive

Saturday, May 13

9:00am: Welcome & Coffee in the C tent
10:00am: Starting a SongFarmers Chapter LINDA JOHNS, BRYAN KLAUSING, RIK PALIERI
10:00am: Banjo Styles Workshop with RIK PALIERI & RAYMOND McLAIN
11:00am: Group Singing with RON PEN, RIK PALIERI & RICK NESTLER
11:00am: Songwriting Workshop with BILL HUDSON, DAN & FAITH SENIE
12:00pm: Lunch break in the C tent
1:00pm: Beginning Mandolin Workshop with RUTH McLAIN, FAITH SENIE
1:00pm: Fiddle Workshop with RON PEN, RAYMOND McLAIN
2:00pm: Building a Front Porch Around the World with MICHAEL JOHNATHON
3:00pm: Songs of SongFarmers with PERRY & DIANA BRAKE, TANA REEVES
3:00pm: Guitar Workshop with BILL HUDSON, BRYAN KLAUSING
4:00pm: The Joy of Upright Bass WorkShop with RUTH McLAIN
4:00pm: SongFarmers and WoodSongs Kids MICHAEL JOHNATHON
5:00pm: Picnic & FREE Public Concert
**SONGFARMERS sign up for a performance slot at the Welcome desk when you arrive

About WoodSongs Front Porch Association:

WoodSongs Front Porch Association is an international network of “front porch” minded musicians, songwriters and fans who simply love simple, rural music. This organization is about EVERYBODY who loves to pick, play and sing. If you feel the music business left you behind, join us. We will show you how to make music a powerful part of your life, even if it is not your livelihood. WFPA’s mission is to help music lovers find a new, defined direction for their music. To gather the global community of front porch minded musicians and help them do good work, bring roots music education into schools free of charge, and enhance communities by redirecting the tremendous energies of local musicians. We call our members “SongFarmers.”