Adeola “Ade” Fabola | “Something Good” | Review

Article Contributed by Nicole Lise Feingold | Published on Monday, January 25, 2021

The country’s energy immediately shifted last week and not because Mercury is in retrograde. (That’s not occurring until January 30th.) If you’re perplexed and silently questioning my changed outlook, I’m profoundly aware we are unfortunately, still amid an extremely challenging reality. Nevertheless, confidence, optimism and even a sense of normality was restored with the new administration. “Something Good” finally happened.

Born in Nigeria and now living in Manchester, Adeola “Ade” Fabola expressive single consisting of heartfelt, pure emotions can be applied to America’s current state although he wrote the song after England’s first national lockdown. The gentle, reassuring and complex guitar picking drew me in. I am instantly relaxed. Stuck inside on a cold, dreary, rainy LA day, feeling a bit alone I take in Ade’s lyrics unconsciously nodding my head in agreement. The meditative, repetitive tones wash over me as Ade’s earthy voice provides grounding as well as deeply needed encouragement. “When you’re beaten black and blue. When you question what is true. When it feels like all is lost. It’s okay to say, to say, to say…I could do with something good…”

The tune is uplifting while also being moody and reflective. The contradiction makes it even more interesting. It’s similar to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” that received so much fame in 2013. Not in tone as Williams’ tune is extraordinarily upbeat. Its likeness is how “Happy” became an anthem. Ade’s single can play that same role, providing a unique and beautifully crafted mantra of hope when struggling to remember “Something Good” always transpire.