Ana Popovic | Trilogy | Review

Article Contributed by philamonjaro | Published on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Blues artist and guitar slinger Ana Popovic has just released her eight studio album titled ‘Trilogy’ and it is smoking hot. Self-discribed as her most ambitious work, Trilogy is three volumes encompassing twenty three blues, funk and jazz compositions. Her musicianship is tight and enduring. This labor of love comes through.

The musical guests include Joe Bonamassa, Robert Randolph, Bernard Purdie (The Purdie Shuffle), Cody Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars) and Al Capone along with others. This list of guests bring complimentary skills that elevates the songs to a new level. 
Ana's voice is soulful, passionate and powerful. Combined with her sizzling guitar work, every track not only holds its own, but also stands on its own as great songwriting. The production has presence and strong hooks that draws me in the music. 'Show You How Strong You Are' and 'If Tomorrow Was Today' has a bright funky backbeat and Acid Jazz sensibility that that takes me back to early Brand New Heavies.  While 'Johnnie Ray' is a heart-wretching minor key blues downtempo where her vocals convey a loss and hurt that all of us who have had our hearts broken can feel deep inside. 'Wasted' is a straight four-on-the-floor blues number with a crying guitar that is unstopable. 'Waiting On You' Ana flexes her Jazz vocals countered with a muted trumpet trading riffs with piano and guitar. Collectively she deomnstrate an incredible diveristy and mastery of melody, guitar, vocal emotion and great arrangement. I can sincerely say that I love each track on this release. 
This past spring, Ana was on the road with the Experience Hendrix Tour as part of the 'all-star' 2016 line-up, as well as on this line-up three years in a row.  In addition to several tour dates scheduled for 2016 in Europe and Australia, Ana will be at several festivals throughout the year including Victoria Jazz Fest, Vancouver Coastal Jazz Fest, Mont Tremblant International Blues Fest, Boomtown Blues Fest, Jazz in Marciac, Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest and the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise.