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I've dined with jazz greats, hung out with rock stars,
Ushered out punks, to close out the bars,
Bounced into rapids, flipped handlebars,
Drank hillbilly moonshine, from mason jars,
Drove to the playa in my art-car,
It died near my house. I drove it too far.

Scored interviews, courted the press,
Once beat a mayor in mental-chess.
Was a front-of-house greeter, a volunteer leader,
Once had a bomb squad sniff out the theater.
I've bussed them in. I've kicked them out.
I've built new audiences and packed the house,

Have a super-hero persona, journalist have yet to expose,
Got politicians attention in two verbal-blows.
Had a subversive shrine, in a state-office downtown,
For months travels the states, before I was homebound.
I’ve hiked Grand Canyon, camped extremes,
Pondered my navel whatever that means.

I am inspired.