Asteroid Blues Releases Debut EP Asteroid Blues

Article Contributed by Martin Berthel… | Published on Monday, November 1, 2021

Asteroid Blues have released their debut EP and will perform a release show on the 20th of November at the Chippo Hotel - Sydney. In anticipation of their first self-titled EP, the band released two singles, 'Caffeine & LSD' and 'Infinity Man' which have been well received by both their audience and critiques. Building on their momentum, the track 'Blackstar' taken from the EP was premiered on Orbital Radio and described by Oscar Byrne as "a bright and lushy tune".  

Asteroid Blues was born out of a growing desire the members share, to experiment with clean rhythms, hard-hitting outros, catchy vocal leads, and sharp and melodic guitar solos. The outfit boasts a unique alternative indie-rock sound inspired by acts such as Ocean Alley, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, DMA’S among others; and draw their creativity from memories of youth and being careless, growing up in suburban Sydney. Through their writings, they aim to embrace new experiences and feel free in these moments.

Their first single 'Caffeine & LSD' was released in the midst of the Sydney 2021 lockdown. These conditions made it impossible for Asteroid Blues to plan a proper shoot of their music video. But they still decided to create one using videos and shots taken by fans during their shows.

Asteroid Blues is a 5-piece band from southwest Sydney formed early 2019. High-school friends Corey, Keegan, Tristan, Lemon and Ewan wanted to create a space to write music and express their creativity as a group. After more than 2 years of trial and error, the band is now ready to share their music with the rest of the world.

So far, the outfit opened for acts such Good Lekker or The Terrys; in 2021, they played three back-to-back sold-out shows in and around Sydney and is now looking to build on this momentum. Through their electric live performances, they managed to grow in notoriety, gain attention from producers Jack Nigro and other industry professionals. The release of their first single in August was really well received by their audience and industry professionals which encouraged the band to work towards new goals and objectives.  

You can buy or stream HERE.

"This a ripping song, really strong chorus that instantly stuck with me and I love the performance of the vocals" - Jack Nigro

"A bit of a magical escape" - Oscar Byrne - Orbital Radio

"Hooked from the very first second" - Cameron Smith - HomeBrewed 

"The thing I love most about this track is the way it kicks off as a high energy, alt rock song that struts assertively with a cleverly thought out riff, then shifts so elegantly into the second verse that calls a halt to the strut, but instead starts bouncing off the footpath with each step" - Pinnies Mag