Bay Area Songwriter Kyra Gordon Teams Up with Pi Jacobs for 5/17 Show

Article Contributed by Liberty Music PR | Published on Monday, May 13, 2024

Genre-bending singer-songwriter Kyra Gordon is back with her latest track, “Traveler,” an indie folk anthem for the free of heart, out May 15th through Starita Records. The song helps to showcase the versatility of her sophomore album ‘Traveler’ as its title track. ‘Traveler,’ the four-track masterpiece, is scheduled for release in June 2024. Through a melodic journey, poetic lyrics, and compelling, down-to-earth vocal delivery, listeners are invited into a deeper connection with their authentic selves. “Traveler” ties together the experiences of Gordon’s life, an emotive yet enthusiastic mashup of rock and country stylings, led by a twangy acoustic guitar and bold drums. “I’ve always been a traveler,/ I’m proud to be that way,” she professes, happily claiming her nomadic lifestyle and adventurous spirit. Fans of Lucinda Williams and The Lumineers will enjoy this tune.

On Friday, May 17th, Gordon will join forces with local legend Pi Jacobs at the Lost Church in San Francisco. Jacobs is promoting her recent album release, Soldier On, which has been on the AMA Top 50 charts for the past ten weeks. There are many comparisons to be drawn between the two artists, who will both perform their own sets—strong, female composers who bend genres to their will and operate on a plane of lyrical storytelling all their own. As a fellow touring musician, Jacobs shares, “I know exactly what she means when she says the line ‘I’m with you, I’m with you every day.’ It’s beautifully sung, and very comforting.”

Gordon has been making her name in singer/songwriter circles for years, earning a loyal and mesmerized following. At the core of her work is her storytelling ability. A background in acting makes this perfect, especially during live performances; she has an ability to take a story, even if it isn’t her own, and turn it into a melodic play. Kyra's “House Concert” performances are an immersive, impromptu mix of singing, spoken narratives, and keyboard work. Her debut album, ‘Soul Of A Showgirl,’ received acclaim for its incisive lyrics and beguiling melodies.

“Traveler” was written after an intense experience on the road when Gordon nearly crashed her truck in a rainstorm on the Blue Ridge Highway to Virginia. “Once I was sitting on the shoulder of the road, my heart rate started to come back down and I began to write this song,” she shared. “It came from the experience I had just had, which was followed by my strong desire to call my husband and hear his voice. I felt lucky to be alive and felt gratitude for having a partner who supports me going away and pursuing my musical dreams.” When she sings, ‘The storm has passed, it feels wide open out here now./ Moments don't last, we get through them all somehow,’ listeners can take her unique experience and apply it to the light at the end of their own unpredictable paths.

The track was produced alongside Gordon’s long-time collaborator Rachel Efron (Arden Alexa, David Hobbes, and Norzin Chomphe), who describes the song as, “joyful even as it touches hardship.” She used the train beat (created through the use of sandpaper, played by Gordon’s husband Brian Rodvien, along with drums and percussion) and duets on the choruses (AJ Hicks) to meld the song’s message with its sonics.

“I’m a seeker and have been on the road searching for myself artistically my whole life. My travels have taken me back and forth across the US, performing in people's homes since 2016, and so much of the stories that make up this album come from that,” Gordon shares. “My heart loves the yin and yang of travel and home. Wherever I am, I am trying to write what I see. There is something about long drives that really unlock a part of my creativity. I have a little notebook handy and jot things down on the steering wheel or voice memo a melody idea.”

Reflecting on her time in an artist commune in North Carolina and performing in Paris throughout her early 20s, Gordon concludes, “My artistry has taken me down many roads, but what feels the most vibrant and true to me now is that I am a songwriter. This album represents that in a way I am really proud of.”

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The full production team on ‘Traveler’ includes band members: Kyra Gordon, songwriter, piano, and vocals; James DePrato, guitars; Daniel Fabricant, bass; Brian Rodvien, drums and percussion; AJ Hicks, backing vocals; Michael Rosen, recording and mix engineer; and Rachel Efron, producer. Mastered by Piper Payne of Neato Mastering. Photography by Cheryln Wagner. The album was recorded at East Bay Recorders in Oakland, CA, and released by Starita Records, a division of Starita Music.

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