Beating the Beast: 'Coyote' and Pi Jacobs' Ode to Overcoming

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Grateful Web is excited to unveil Pi Jacobs' latest music video for "Coyote," a track that showcases her deep connection to American music and her personal narrative of resilience and overcoming challenges. Born in the iconic Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, Pi Jacobs has crafted a diverse and influential career over two decades, drawing from the rich sounds of California country, blues, soul, and Laurel Canyon folk. Her musical journey began at 15 with the bass guitar, leading to a dual major in bass and vocal performance that underscores her broad musical talents.

"Coyote" is a highlight from her upcoming album "Soldier On," set to release on April 26th via Blackbird Record Label. This work, her tenth release, illustrates Pi at the pinnacle of her creativity, blending blues, soul, and string-band influences into a distinctive interpretation of American roots music. The album, co-produced with two-time Grammy nominee Eric Corne, reveals Pi's introspective songwriting against the backdrop of energetic band performances, capturing the essence of her music's live spirit. It's a blend of autobiographical rawness with the dynamic punch of her band's collaborative energy.

Drawing from her encounters with Los Angeles' wild coyotes, "Coyote" explores themes of persistence, menace, and survival. The song parallels the relentless nature of a coyote's hunt with the struggle of a close friend battling cancer, weaving a narrative of adversity and resilience. Despite its somber inspiration, the song radiates an upbeat vibe, celebrating the triumph over life's relentless challenges. Through "Coyote," Pi transforms a story of fear and vulnerability into an uplifting anthem of survival, highlighting the victories of her loved ones against formidable odds.

Grateful Web is proud to present the premiere of "Coyote," offering a glimpse into Pi Jacobs' creative essence and the powerful narratives embedded in her music. This video invites viewers into Pi's world, where the depth of her storytelling and the vibrancy of her musical landscape converge, reflecting the unyielding strength of the human spirit