Beats Antique's "Sage" Out Today

Article Contributed by Beats Antique … | Published on Friday, July 19, 2019

Beats Antique constantly strives for knowledge and experience in this world of new challenges, and it understands that we must look towards our past to understand the future. To do this, it is imperative to understand that music is a combination of imaginative invention and the foundation of those who came before us. Beats Antique’s newest single, “Sage,” speaks to this duality of having experience and searching for guidance to soar further.

"Sage" is a simple story of new beginnings and the Phoenix rising from the ashes. It came about during an improvised recording session with Elijah Badua, the son of a close friend to the band. Over the past 10 years, Beats Antique has watched Elijah grow as a human and blossom into an inspired musician. Elijah has spent years in India and Turkey and studied traditional instruments, such as Yali Tambur and the Ravanhatta. Parallel to "Sage," Elijah’s music has the duality of old world technique, applied in a modern approach to evoke a sense of richness. With this harmonious pairing, “Sage” is a meditative and ruminant journey that inspires your body movement, while the teacher inside challenges you to close your eyes and seek a deeper meaning within.

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