Becky Buller Distance and Time album available for pre-order

Article Contributed by C2 Media Relations | Published on Saturday, October 3, 2020

Dark Shadow Recording artist and award-winning Bluegrass virtuoso Becky Buller announces the track listing for her forthcoming album, Distance and Time. Produced by Stephen Mougin, 2020 IBMA Sound Engineer Of The Year, and recorded at Dark Shadow Recording, the 13-track record features 11 songs all penned or co-penned by Buller as well as two covers. Distance and Time is available for pre-order today, and fans will receive the Country infused track, “The Ride,” instantly upon purchase of the album.

The hit songwriter and “bluegrass musician extraordinaire” (The Manchester Times) has already released three tracks from Distance and Time including No. 1 Bluegrass Today charting single and IBMA nominated collaboration “The Barber’s Fiddle.”

Lending their world class talents to the track, 18 fiddle players and vocalists can be heard on “The Barber’s Fiddle” alongside Buller. The music video for “The Barber’s Fiddle” was produced by Mougin of Dark Shadow Recording and tells a story of Bluegrass music being passed on through generations. Buller’s sophomore 2020 single and reimagined NEEDTOBREATHE cover, “More Heart, Less Attack” features an acoustic and folk driven spin on the Christian Rock smash. Most recently, Buller released gospel song “Tell The Truth (Shame The Devil)” which is a collaboration with the Grammy award-winning group, The Fairfield Four.

Distance and Time Track Listing

“Don’t Look Back” (Becky Buller, Kraig Smith, Valerie Smith)

“The Ride” (Becky Buller, Eric Gibson)

“The Barber’s Fiddle” (Becky Buller, Lynda Dawson) Listen HERE

“You Come Around” (Becky Buller, Jeff Hyde, John Pennell)

“Head On Down The Line” (Becky Buller, Christopher Mosselman)

“Tell The Truth (Shame The Devil)” (Becky Buller, Jon Weisberger) Listen HERE

“We Let Each Other Go” (Becky Buller)

“Inglewood Upon Stratford” (Becky Buller, Ned Luberecki)

“Salt And Light” (Becky Buller, Mark Simos)

“I Dream In Technicolor” (Becky Buller)

“Life Gets Up And Gets Gone” (Becky Buller, Donna Ulisse)

“Woodstock”- Jonie Mitchel Cover (Joni Mitchell)

“More Heart, Less Attack”- NEEDTOBREATHE Cover (Bear & Bo Rinehart) Listen HERE