Béla Fleck's 'Wheels Up' featuring Sierra Hull & Molly Tuttle

Article Contributed by belafleck.com | Published on Friday, August 27, 2021

A year or so back, I’d had a thought about doing some shows with Sierra Hull & Molly Tuttle, and we got together to jam. (Mostly I was thinking they’d be amazing together without me!) But, later in the recording of the album it became clear to me that I was propagating the boys club, while there were female players who were just as good. Even though I already had more than an album’s worth of music recorded, we did an awesome session with Molly, Sierra, and a couple of dudes -  Mark Schatz and Andy Leftwich - cutting three more tunes. You can listen to one of them now, Wheels Up.

Below you'll see a video of the first touring band (Sierra Hull, Michael Cleveland, Justin Moses, Mark Schatz and Bryan Sutton) playing Wheels Up from a practice we had in Lyons, CO.