Blind Melon | Concord Music Hall | 5/08/18

Article Contributed by philamonjaro | Published on Thursday, May 17, 2018

Blind Melon wrapped up six rare concert dates May 8th at Concord Music Hall, Chicago for a fanatical house of fans. This was a rare treat, and the audience knew it.

With their reformation in 2007 featuring singer Travis Warren stepping in for Shannon Hoon after his passing away, it was a seemingly impossible task of replacing Hoon's charismatic personality and unique voice. But Travis brought his own style and confidence with an uncanny vocal fit fronting the band. He also added guitar on more than one song. 

Thorn and Stevens swapping guitar licks

They played tight, with swagger, and above all had fun with the audience and each other. Christopher Thorn's musicianship stood out as he also played harmonica, and mandolin in addition to his killer chops as a guitarist. Both he and guitarist Rogers Stevens played tight together when cutting loose with some stunning Allman Brothers' style unison lead guitar harmonies that prompts fan to embrace them as something much more than the MTV hits that they are universally known for. 

Bassist Nathan Towne stepped out from the shadows to play solo acoustic guitar backing Travis on a duet further demonstrating their range, dynamic, and versatility, holding the audiences attention for the more quiet and intimate moments. 

Shannon Hoon's Daughter Nico joins the band to sing 'Change'

One specific highlight was having Shannon Hoon's daughter come out on stage to sing 'Change' with the band. What better way to honor Hoon's legacy. 

And of course, closing the show with 'No Rain' left everyone in a certain euphoria that will make this concert a memorable event for all. Despite being a megahit, this song never gets tired. 

For fans everywhere, let's hope that this is a foreshadowing of more touring or recording.   

Set List:









St. Andrew's Fall

The Duke

Ferris Wheel

Mouthful of Cavities


Dear Ol' Dad

Soak The Sin



No Rain

Canadian fans will have a chance to catch them this June for two more concerts Wednesday June 20 at The Casino Regina Show Lounge, Regina, and Saturday, June 23 at The Soundtrack Music Festival in Kinsmen Vision Park, Edmonton.

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