Blue Lotus | Mt. Shasta Vet's Club | 1/31/15

Article Contributed by Blue Lotus | Published on Thursday, February 5, 2015

Blue Lotus is quickly becoming a favorite in the Jam band scene. Frequently touring the west coast and upper mid-west, gathering HUGE crowds of LOVE!!!

Featuring brilliant and beautiful singer/songwriter/guitarist Brandelyn Rose and her amazing voice and composing skills.

Another focus of this powerful ensemble is the AX slinging lead guitarist Felix Blades. A young prodigy that has had community eyes watching his expansion of LOVE since an early age!!!

Blue Lotus "LIVE" performance's also have a brilliant combination of drum and bass.

On Drums is Alex Huber a very passionate and skilled percussionist with explosive licks. 

Playing bass guitar, Ben Bosse lays it down thick and groovy with a heavy funk sound.

Sitting behind the Keyboards with his flowing fingers is Nick Agorigianitis . Nick provides an AMAZING accompaniment of sound with great rhythm and INCREDIBLE lead fills. 

Blue Lotus is a MUST SEE anywhere!!!

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