Blues-Rock Band Ghost Hounds Releases New Single "Dirty Angel"

Article Contributed by 2b entertainment | Published on Thursday, March 9, 2023

Rising blues-rock band Ghost Hounds has returned with their intoxicating new single, “Dirty Angel,” out now via Gibson Records. The song is the first single off their upcoming album, which is set to release this June - listen HERE.

The infectious track, written by guitarist Thomas Tull and Kevin Bowe, is an ode to a one-of-a-kind romance. The song is brought to life by lead singer Tré Nation’s powerhouse vocals with electrifying guitar riffs from Thomas and Johnny Baab, while bassist Bennett Miller and drummer Blaise Lanzetta give the track its thundering pulse.

“Dirty Angel is a high-octane, high-energy song that is one of our favorite cuts to play from our new album that will be released this summer. We all got in the same room and tracked this live to really capture the raw energy happening in the moment. It felt like the right move to lead with this as our first single as an appetizer for what’s to come,” explains guitarist Johnny Baab.

Ghost Hounds’s fourth album will be released this June. The album will continue to build out the gritty world the band has painted with “Dirty Angel.”