The Bombadils' "Bicycle" Celebrates Hopeful Energy + Bluegrass Flair

Article Contributed by Sarah J Frost | Published on Friday, May 6, 2022

The Bombadils, comprised of husband and wife Luke Fraser and Sarah Frank, are known for creating music with poetic lyrics, fresh metaphors, scene-setting details, and clever turns of phrase. “Bicycle,” out today, is no exception: on the bright track, The Bombadils sing of adventure, perseverance, and what it is that keeps us going despite life’s challenges.

Accompanied by Ellen Gibling on harp and Ethan Jodziewicz (Milk Carton Kids, Sierra Hull) on bass, the duo’s second single from their upcoming album, Dear Friend (autumn 2022), was inspired by Frank’s cross-country move to pursue music at 19. 
“Luke and I connected throughout our 20s over a fiery desire to make a difference in the world, to love in a big way, and to be part of something big and beautiful,” she told Folk Radio UK. “We sped along fast, eager and driven.”
“The video shows our four-year-old daughter Felicity and her two closest friends,” she continues. “While we will guide them as best as we can, at the end of the day we will have to hold our breath and watch them learn some things the hard way just as our parents have watched us (and probably still do)!”

“[The upbeat tune] perfectly encapsulates the euphoria of self-discovery and the pursuit of our dreams…the song resonates with genuine heartfelt warmth and charm that is impossible to resist.” - Folk Radio UK

Stylistically, The Bombadils’ music offers dynamic arrangements and adventurous instrumental passages; Frank’s soprano and dazzling fiddle playing combine with Fraser’s soulful singing and prowess as an accompanist and dynamic soloist on guitar and mandolin.
Dear Friend is the duo’s fourth album overall, and their first to feature all original songs. The first single, “Losing Track of Time,” celebrates connection and cherishing the sweet moments in life where the stars align. The album is their first full-length release after moving to Atlantic Canada and adjusting to new parenthood, a new city, and a global pandemic. The 11-song album was recorded with engineer Graeme Campbell between lockdowns and daycare pick-ups. It is a series of love letters of a certain kind—to family and friends, to strangers and neighbors, to cities and landscapes, to each other.

“The Bombadils feature picturesque songwriting and instrumentation. ‘Losing Track of Time’ is a dreamy song exemplifying these strengths.” - PopMatters

The Bombadils formed in 2009 as McGill University music students after meeting at a party, later deciding on a band name inspired by the character Tom Bombadil from J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings epic. Theirs is a story of two virtuosic instrumentalists – influenced by classical, jazz, bluegrass, and Celtic music, and inspired by various singer-songwriter traditions – who found each other and fell in love. They made a name for themselves in the pub scene, performing from an expansive repertoire of time-honored folk, fiddle tunes, and old-time standards.
The duo has released three albums; Canadian arts journalist Bob Mersereau describes their music as "folk tunes done with musical adventure and sophistication"