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Few instrumentalists carry more respect than Adam Deitch & Borahm Lee, who together form renown live-electronic act, Break Science.

On January 13th, the duo will release their first single of 2023, “Mecha Flora,” a dreamy amalgam of funk fusion with dancing keys, warping synths and irresistible rhythm. The single marks the duo’s first since 2020’s, “Mettawave,” and previews an extended EP forthcoming in 2023.

On February 2nd, the hybrid producer/instrumentalist duo will officially mark their return with a brand-new EP, Mecha Flora. Mecha Flora, a lockdown-era project, is a showcase for the vitality of live instrument-infused electronic music and its meditative, cathartic effect on listeners. The 6-track EP also marks the duo’s first extended release since 2018’s album, Grid of Souls.

Deitch & Borahm were quarantined like the rest of the world throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but benefitted by living only 7-minutes walking distance apart from each other in their current homes of Denver, CO. These isolated recording sessions often featured Lee’s living room piano and drum set, an organic approach that empowered the producers through a dark time and invigorated the Break Science project in the process. As per their patented style, Mecha Flora is Break Science showing without telling listeners just how empowering and meditative this style of music can be.

Mecha is the digital, Flora is the natural – this EP represents the ebb and flow via master interpreters of music.

On February 2nd, the duo will celebrate the EP release with a headline debut at Denver’s Meow Wolf Convergence Station. Tickets can be found here:


Pioneers of Colorado’s electronic music explosion, Break Science soars ahead of the curve, with a decade-plus trendsetting the game. Steeped in filial traditions of East Coast hip hop, and futuristic soundwaves of the now, the Denver-based duo continues to scale creative mountains. Comprised of keyboardist/producer/jazz pianist Borahm Lee (Pretty Lights Live Band) and funk/hip-hop drummer extraordinaire Adam Deitch (Lettuce), Break Science traces roots to the embryonic seeds that flowered the electro-soul movement. The pair have consistently ascended the cutting edge of live dance music culture with an array of blistering live performances in any number of settings or configurations.

Borahm Lee’s masterful use of Ableton Live and prowess atop an assortment of analog synths, Fender Rhodes, and digital plug-ins propel Break Science’s towards the new frontier. Lee has worked with cultural icons like Kanye West and The Fugees, he is well versed in reggae/dub vibrations. Adam Deitch keeps it thorough with classic boom-bap, and inventive patterns that employ his rhythmic wizardry, be it electronic drum programming or a traditional trap-kit. Deitch has worked with hip-hop legends like Redman, Pharoahe Monch and members of the Wu-Tang Clan, he’s manned the drum seat for jazz luminaries like John Scofield (Uberjam). Both members of Break Science bring classic hip-hop, dub, drum n’ bass, dancehall, jazz, funk, and genre-defying elements to coalesce in modern electronic soundscapes.

The sum of these parts has evolved Break Science into an amalgam of styles authentic, and an artistic aesthetic wholly their own, heard in the highest of definition on their titanic 2018 full-length LP Grid of Souls. For ever-further explorations in sound, the duo will form like Voltron, combining with several members of Lettuce for the wildly-kinetic Break Science Live Band. Whether the essential dynamic duo or a full-fledged ensemble, they continue to break down the science & move the arena, one gridlocked soul at a time.