Brothers Comatose @ The Fox | Preview

Article Contributed by David Atchley | Published on Thursday, April 5, 2018

Grateful Web is psyched to present, a night of “Rowdy Roots Music,” where audience participation is another instrument of the band.  So, unleash your character and become the stage, for The Brothers Comatose and The Sam Chase and The Untraditional will be popping out of the void at the notorious, Fox Theatre, Thursday, April 26th, Boulder, Colorado.

Brothers Ben and Alex Morrison | The Brothers Comatose | photo by Alan Sheckter

Being born of San Francisco’s cosmic soil, the Brothers Comatose have a sound that transcends the limits of the city, landing where the earth gives rise to the living, and the everyday becomes the everything.  The Brothers draw people into their songs as if a bonfire at a music fest—a place of camaraderie and warmth, crackle and pop.  Sauntering along in that sweet spot, Ben Morrison’s baritone crafts a definitive shape to the Comatose feel, manifesting a wonderful mood for the body and mind to sway and dance, friends to laugh, and the crowd to play tug-o-war with the band as one unifying force, leaving one to wonder, “Who’s playing what?  Who’s driving who?”  The obvious answer—We all are.  Let go the separation!  Feel the groove.

The Brothers Comatose | North Plains, OR

Recently returned from Australia, The Brothers Comatose are on the move.  Touring strong through festival season, and having released the first album, Ink, in a trilogy of mini albums, The Brothers invite us to travel with them as they live through and create the next two, to have our say ethereally recorded within the spirit that gives rise to their sound.  Pairing up with the playful antics, sharp playing, and originality of approach of The Sam Chase and The Untraditional, The Brothers Comatose are a bubble of fun floating around the country waiting to be released whenever their airplane happens to land . . . It all depends on what’s with you.  Just ask the Fox; they’ll show it to be true.

The Sam Chase & the Untraditional | photo by Benjamin Wallen

Obtain passage at  Fun Gates open at 8:30, vibrations start at 9.

“Cosmic Charlie, how do you do?  Truckin’ in style along the avenue.”