California Roots Music And Arts Festival Continues Its Partnership With Redwood Forest Foundation To Plant More Than 2,400 Redwoods In 2019

Article Contributed by Press Junkie PR | Published on Friday, March 22, 2019

The California Roots Music and Arts Festival (Cali Roots) attracts thousands of fans each year by showcasing the best in reggae, roots, and hip hop. As the festival’s presence continues to grow so does its efforts in environmental preservation, carving the path of producing an environmentally sound event. In 2017, Cali Roots introduced their “Redwood Pass,” which is their unique take on the VIP experience. The most compelling part is that for each pass sold, two redwoods were planted. In the first year, that resulted in 800 new redwoods, which rose to 1,800 redwoods planted in 2018-2019. To celebrate “The International Day of Forests,” Cali Roots is proud to announce that it will be supporting the planting of 2,400 redwoods through their close relationship with the Redwood Forest Foundation (RFFI) (
Festival Co-Producer, Dan Sheehan, states, “The Cali Roots movement is about developing and sustaining our community and that involves protecting our environment. When we learned that  redwood forests in California help remove more carbon from the atmosphere more than any other forest, we wanted to do what we could to help generate that movement. Teaming up with the Redwood Forest Foundation felt like a natural pairing and we are proud to keep working with such a great organization.”
“RFFI deeply values our partnership with Cali Roots. We benefit from the synergies in our values and goals as two grass roots organizations committed to enhancing the ecology, economy and building community in the redwood region. It is especially fitting that we announce the latest chapter of this partnership on The International Day of Forests at a time when we are all becoming more aware of the powerful role that redwood forests play in our lives,” adds RFFI President and CEO Mark Welther.
As climate change warms the Earth, trees serve as a valuable tool for reducing its impacts. Recent reports from the IPCC and other respected scientific research groups, support the position that we can use natural solutions like tree-planting to offset the damage while we work to develop technology to eliminate or reduce the production of destructive emissions like carbon dioxide and methane. Two of those solutions are tree planting and improved forest management. A third is improved agricultural practices including the placement of biochar in the soil to sequester carbon, enrich the soil, while reducing water usage. The Redwood Forest Foundation is involved in all three, which is why Cali Roots is so proud to continue to work closely with the RFFI.
It is also an added benefit that these magnificent, awe-inspiring trees provide a rich and varied habitat for wildlife on the ground and in their crowns. These majestic redwoods enrich the human experience and are symbolic of our region. Cali Roots and the Redwood Forest Foundation work throughout the region from Big Sur to the Oregon border to enhance the environment, the economy and build strong communities.
The tenth annual California Roots Festival will take place at the Monterey County Fair and Event Center, Memorial Day weekend 2019. Redwood passes are officially sold out, but can be found at the official Cali Roots ticket exchange
The 10th Annual California Roots Music and Arts Festival
Dates: Friday, May 24, 2019 – Sunday May 26, 2019
Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm PDT
Venue: Monterey County Fair and Event Center
Address: 2004 Fairground Road, Monterey, CA 93940
Admission: Varies
Age restrictions: All Ages