Eric Krasno & Wax Releases "Things Are Changin"

Article Contributed by Press Junkie PR | Published on Friday, June 28, 2024

The formidable duo - the indie rap legend Wax and modern funk guitar hero Eric Krasno, are set to release their epic collaborative album LIGHT YEARS this August. Today they are announcing the third single off the upcoming album, "Things Are Changin." The new song features NYC-based Rapper Marlon Craft who has quickly garnered critical accolades for his politically conscious lyricism and killer throwback beats infused with jazz inspired instrumentations. "Things Are Changin" is out new on Feel Music Group and available everywhere you stream music!

The new album LIGHT YEARS sees the long time friends and collaborators Kraz and Wax share their love for organic, funk/jazz inspired hip hop beats.  While Wax and Kraz dabble in a lot of the same things musically (they both play guitar, make beats, sing, and write lyrics), their different approaches balanced each other out during the recording process. Although Kraz tends to go more serious and Wax more comedic, with this project, they threw ego aside and allowed each other to critique beats, verses, hooks, guitar parts, and anything else.   

"I get to really just be a rapper on this project, so I took the time to craft the verses meticulously.  I want people who hear this that have no idea who I am to go 'oh, i see why Kraz fucks with this dude," says Wax.  

"I like working with Kraz because when we feel like we have made something dope he turns up the volume, gets out of his producer chair, and just kinda stalks around the studio feeling the music.  He ALWAYS has fun when he works.  Not everyone is like that,"  he adds.

With the new project, LIGHT YEARS, the non-stop duo hearkens back to the classic producer/rapper combo like Gangstarr or Pete Rock and CL Smooth. Kraz describes LIGHT YEARS as “highbrow boom bap hip hop.” With features from legend Talib Kweli and upcoming star Marlon Craft, ensure fans of pure hip hop lyricism will not be disappointed. Topics range from the modern political climate to coping with existential dread, to light hearted relationships, to OF COURSE straight-up braggadocio rap bars. Nigel Hall and Andy Frasco both make appearances on the album to sing some infectious choruses.  

"Things Are Changin" is out now on Feel Music Group! Save and stream here: