Channeling Joni for Future Generations: Songs of Joni Mitchell by Hannah Reimann

Article Contributed by Dusty Berke | Published on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

I was blown away by Hannah Reimann’s performance of the early songs of Joni Mitchell at Fort Greene’s Irondale Center. When I closed my eyes, it took me back to my youth. I couldn’t tell the difference between Joni and Hannah. The music was authentic. I loved when she spoke between songs to give context and history about the songs. She was not just singing Joni’s music, but sharing the essence of who Joni is and was and who the people in her life were: Graham Nash, Leonard Cohen, David Crosby. 

Now I can’t stop humming her songs. They’re stuck in my head! What a blessing that Hannah is exposing young generations to these important artists that helped shape the world we’re living in. Joni’s music shaped the peace movement in a powerful way.  As she wrote, “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot,” it’s interesting that she was talking in the 60’s about the big conversations we’re having now.  Her music is timeless, thoughtful, soulful, beautiful.

Hannah is keeping the legacy alive and bringing the message to these children and young people who can’t hear Joni perform live. She’s keeping Joni’s spirit and her incredible poetry and music alive so that the younger generations can be inspired.  I think everyone should take their children and expose them to the art, poetry, beauty of Joni, Hannah and Michele.

Big Yellow Taxi at The Irondale Center's BOTH SIDES NOW from Hannah Reimann on Vimeo.

Hearing the music revived my spirit because it took me back in time of to a day when the world was different.  It was a hopeful time where all of the artists and musicians were trying to find a way to create peace. And here we are all these years later, still trying.