Chattanooga-Based Roots Group The New Quintet Unleashes Debut Single “Mississippi John”

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Wednesday, June 12, 2024

EarthTone Records proudly announces the release of The New Quintet's debut single, "Mississippi John," a joyful and energetic composition that pays homage to the legendary guitar picker Mississippi John Hurt. This single is a precursor to their forthcoming full-length album, Some Ya Do. Some Ya Don’t., which will be released on December 6th.

LISTEN HERE: Mississippi John

Bandleader Nicholas Edward Williams shares his inspiration: “Mississippi John Hurt was my gateway into pre-war blues music, and he has heavily influenced my guitar playing. I wanted to reference some of my favorite songs he did, play on a little of his picking style, and talk about what it’s like to listen to John, who feels like an old friend sitting on the porch next to you on a warm southern day.”

Recorded live at Tiny Teeth Studios in Chattanooga, TN, "Mississippi John" showcases the raw authenticity of The New Quintet’s live stage presence. Engineered by guitarist Cody Ray and mastered by GRAMMY-winning AirShow Mastering in Boulder, CO, the track features no overdubs or divider panels. The group recorded in a circle, capturing an organic, punchy, infectious, and nostalgic sound that is uniquely their own.

The New Quintet's distinctive instrumentation as a roots string band with clarinet, combined with sublime three-part harmonies, delivers a ragged, feel-good composition. The song traverses between ragtime, folk, and swing, featuring each instrument and voice equally. The ensemble's collaboration is led by Nicholas Edward Williams (guitar, harmonica, vocals) and elevated by the golden harmonies of Emma Dubose (fiddle, vocals) and Jade Watts (upright bass, vocals). Cody Ray (guitar) and Gordon Inman (clarinet) contribute genre-redefining melodies and evolving textures, demonstrating their mastery and the group’s cohesive sound.

"Mississippi John" will be available on all digital platforms starting June 12th and serves as the first single from their debut full-length album, Some Ya Do. Some Ya Don’t., set to release on December 6th via EarthTone Records.

Artist: The New Quintet
Homebase: Chattanooga, TN
Single: “Mississippi John”
Release Date: June 12th
Label: EarthTone Records
Genre: American Roots Music, Ragtime

About The New Quintet:
The New Quintet is a Chattanooga-based roots group known for their energetic and authentic sound, blending ragtime, folk, and swing. The band features Nicholas Edward Williams (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Emma Dubose (fiddle, vocals), Jade Watts (upright bass, vocals), Cody Ray (guitar), and Gordon Inman (clarinet). Their music pays homage to legendary artists while creating a sound that is entirely their own.