Article Contributed by Greg Knight | Published on Thursday, December 9, 2021

Rising Connecticut rock quintet Goose will wrap up a fruitful 2021 with yet another new endeavor – the release of a self-produced feature film. Premiering virtually on Flymachine from December 23-26, 2021, Shenanigans Nite Club: The Movie is a 75-minute movie that is a companion piece to the band’s eponymous album, released earlier this year. Written and directed by Will Thresher and starring all five members of Goose, SNC is the story of Mick Small and his best friend Rod on a quest to discover the truth of Mick’s father’s mysterious disappearance during a night that never ends.

“The story was written with the album as a muse. From the get-go, the idea was to create something fun and let the band members display their wide range of creativity. I listened to the album as one track on repeat for a few days before opening a document. When I did sit down, it all came out. I would replay a single track over and over, writing the scene until I felt the story fulfilled that section of the album, then continue on. I wrote the script over the course of five sleepless days and multiple full album run-throughs but, man, I wasn’t tired at all! I was so ready to get started. There are many tropes and homages to some of my favorite films in there as well, but the heart and soul truly come from the album. There is a story in this album and when listening to it as intended, as a complete piece, it reveals itself. It will be different for everyone, but it’s in there. The script is goofy, fun, ridiculous, but the core themes hit close to the message I received from the album - I’m really excited for people to watch and catch all the little details but mostly, I want them to have a good time,” said writer and director Will Thresher.

Shenanigans Nite Club, the album, is a musical ode to a legendary music venue that existed in Goose’s hometown in the late eighties. The movie is yet another tribute to the venerated location, and the set was designed to mimic the look of the bar. The production team placed particular emphasis on ensuring wardrobe captured the ambiance of the bar over several decades, and each character is an amalgamation of the eclectic group of regulars who spent countless nights on the dance floor.

“I was hassling Will to make a movie with us around the album for a while - after meeting and listening to the album, Will began crafting ideas,” said Rick Mitarotonda. “Making a movie is a much greater undertaking than we expected going into it - we learned a lot from it, though. Although the story is our own, I think the project in its entirety will give our fans a greater appreciation for just how special this location truly was.”

Goose fans will recognize plenty of familiar faces in Shenanigans Nite Club, with guitarist and vocalist Rick Mitarotonda (Mick Small) in the leading role alongside percussionist Jeff Arevalo (Joe Small), bassist Trevor Weekz (Strange Man #1), multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach (Strange Man #2), drummer Ben Atkind (Clyde). Other leads include Chris Judge (Rodney), Carina Immer (Dolly), Charlotte Roth (Patty), Bonnie Lombardi (Mary), Jon “Coach” Lombardi (Lu Peters), Jan Weed (Mitch Doran), Greg Knight (Big Bob), and Bruce Robinson (Clyde) - the latter four actors were heavily involved with Goose’s groundbreaking Bingo Tour series during summer 2020. Beyond the core cast, several of the band’s close friends, family members, and musical collaborators appear.

“I’ve always loved film. It’s a medium that encompasses so many creative outlets, including problem-solving, and storytelling. It’s a huge process that requires a team of people all building towards the same goal. That’s a beautiful thing and when you meld so well with a group, it’s an incredibly fulfilling experience. It becomes a journey rather than a task and shatters any idea that you could do it alone. Which I know a lot of artists struggle with. It’s humbling. It creates a bond that feels like family,” added Thresher.

From December 23rd through the 26th, Shenanigans Nite Club will be available for streaming via Flymachine, a “virtual venue” and social livestream experience. The film will air twice each day at 7 PM and 10 PM ET. All pass holders will have access to a virtual Q&A with the band and director on Tuesday 12/28.  In addition to watching the film, viewers will be able to connect with one another through interactive digital rooms and video chatting. Admission is $9.99 per screening, with passes available through the film’s website.