Consider the Source Drop Their Most Psychedelic Song and Trippy Video For Their Newly Revived Tune "Kashyyyk"

Article Contributed by ZALI Presents | Published on Friday, November 3, 2023

Fusion legends Consider the Source released a psych rock single from their re-issued “Are You Watching Closely” album with a brand new video. “Kashyyyk” is a song the band played live in their early days but never recorded before, so decided to bring it back for this re-release. The song and video are a journey through the Eastern elements of the band's sound mixed with their signature blend of musical styles. Tune in, and blast off!

Jam scene shredders Consider the Source found themselves in a tough situation along with many bands a few years ago. For the first time in their career, in addition to not being able to travel and perform, they were unable to be in the same room and work on music together due to the pandemic. During this time the band learned to record their instruments in their homes and make demos remotely by sending tracks back and forth, refining their parts along the way. This newly acquired band skill came in handy when the group recently decided to press their 2nd album "Are You Watching Closely" to vinyl in celebration of its nearing 15-year anniversary. The original recording only took up a record and a half in the vinyl format so the band decided to do something special to fill the 4th side of the double pressing. They revived 2 songs which were played live only a few times in the early days of the group as 2023 Bonus Demos remotely recorded, edited, and mixed by the band members.

Today, the band has shared a video for one of those bonus songs, "Kashyyyk", which was produced by the multi-talented Jacob Nadeau (bassist of Nester) as well as edited in post by Francesca Belcastro. Together the two put in a combined 30+ hours of work into this futuristic video bringing together concepts of ancient history, nature, technology and begs the question of what is to come next?

Catch Consider the Source on their "Are You Watching Closely Tour" as they highlight songs from this classic album live and be sure to grab a vinyl at the merch stand or online here.


11.02 The Colony - Woodstock, NY +
11.03  Bayside Bowl - Portland, ME %
11.09  Putnam Place - Saratoga Springs, NY ^
11.10  Nectar’s - Burlington, VT !!
11.11  The Stone Church - Newmarket, NH &
11.17  Flour City Station - Rochester, NY *
11.18  Thunderbird Music Hall - Pittsburgh, PA !
12.07  The Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO =
12.08  830 North - Fort Collins, CO ==
12.09  Globe Hall - Denver, CO
12.29  Sultan Room - New York, NY #
12.30  Electric Haze - Worcester, MA $
12.31  Arch Street Tavern - Hartford, CT $

+ w/ SkyDaddy
% supporting Bella’s Bartok
^ w/ Bella’s Bartok
!! W/ The Mushroom Cloud
& w/ Sqwerv
* w/ Grub
! w/ TrailHeads
= co-bill w/ Cycles
== w/ Pipin’ Hot
# w/ Habbina Habbina
$ w/ Leon Trout