COSMIC CONVOY Together Again for the First Time

Article Contributed by C-Side Records | Published on Saturday, October 3, 2020

After a couple years playing regularly in and around Austin, Cosmic Convoy is happy to announce the release of their first EP, Together Again for the First Time, recorded in Burleson, TX in February 2020.  Cosmic Convoy is made up of long-time friends, and was conceived in September 2017 as a classic country cover band. Over time, original songs by singer Brent Pennington began to make their way into the set, and some of these are what comprise Together Again for the First Time.

Brent Pennington on making the album:
This was the first time I’d been involved in a live recording session at a studio. My old friend Aarom Meador runs a studio in Burleson, just outside Fort Worth, and he did a great job. We knocked it out in about 4-5 hours. This recording definitely gives you a feel for our live sound, and hopefully comes across as fun as it was making it.”

Together Again for the First Time is the sound of good friends making music together. The songs and production are straightforward, honest, and real, and will appeal to fans of classic country and Americana.